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Diesel storage facility by year’s end


It is hoped that the VINLEC storage facility at Campden Park will be completed by year’s end.{{more}}

At a press conference last week, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said he met with Venezuela’s Energy Minister, Hector Navarro, during a trip to Venezuela for the Petro Caribe summit on May 5.

During that meeting, Gonsalves said that he dealt with the issue of having the diesel storage facility completed.

“It is about 60, 65, 70 per cent completed – I would have hoped for the facility to be completed,” he said.

But the local government was not involved in the procurement of the contractor, because the facility was being constructed by the Venezuelan government.

“It was Venezuelan money and they need to finish it,” the Prime Minister explained.

He said that he is hoping that the facility would be completed by the end of this year and not next year, as was being forecast by the Venezuelan bureaucrats, Gonsalves explained.

“That [facility] is important for energy security; rather than having just a 10 to 12 day supply for the whole country, through the existing storage facilities that we can have 45 to 60 days storage – maybe more,” he said.

Having this new storage facility would also mean that this country can benefit more in terms of volume, from the Petro Caribe arrangement, Gonsalves explained. (DD)