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Chateaubelair’s gas woes end

Chateaubelair’s gas woes end


by Taranjah Yaw Fri May 10, 2013

Vehicle operators in the North Leeward area have something to smile about, as the pumps at the lone gas station in the area are running once again.{{more}}

The Audain’s gas station, located on the waterfront section of Chateaubelair, close to the fish market, has been out of service since January this year, when the delivery truck stopped coming to the area.

Delivery of fuel was discontinued because of a dispute between the former gas station operator and fuel supplier SOL.

After a much needed facelift, which included repaving of the entire property and a paint job, the first gas delivery was made on April 30.

As the fuel truck passed the Petit Bordel Secondary School (PBSS), students came out of their classrooms, and cheers, screams and applause followed the truck up the hill into Chateaubelair.

The pumps began running at 7 a.m. on May 2 and it has been brisk business ever since, according to Louislyn Harry, senior pump attendant at the station.

“The response is just great,” said an ecstatic Harry.

“Since we start the pumps this morning, it has been steady running and the drivers are all grateful and happy and I am just so happy to serve them like old times”, Harry said.

While drivers and residents are expressing happiness at the return of service, Wallace Stapleton of Silver Star Bakery of Spring Village told SEARCHLIGHT that he has been selling baked goods in the area for over 15 years, and having to go all the way to Buccament to fill up his gas tank had taken a toll on his business.

“Imagine there’s a new bakery in the area, so this comes at an opportune time, so I can maintain

my edge in this competitive business,” Stapleton said.

Stapleton was also the first customer to fill up on the first day of operation.

Another customer, “Tower” of Troumaca, said that he is pleased to see the gas station back in operation.

“Imagine how much we could save in time and money, not having to go

all the way to Buccament just to buy some gas,” Tower said. He also thanked the staff for their service.

He congratulated the new operator, Edgar Harvey-Lewis, and encouraged him to improve the service and to offer diesel for sale, once more, at the station.

During the time the gas station was out of service, some entrepreneurial Individuals began buying 15 gallon containers of gas from the Buccament station and retailing them for $20 a gallon.

Despite having to pay on average $6 more per gallon than they would have had to pay at the pump, drivers welcomed this cottage industry, as it saved them the almost 20-mile journey to Buccament, just to buy gas.

Fisherman Asborn Harry said that having the gas station in the area is great for the economy of the area.

“Can you imagine the amount of money we lost buying overpriced gas and going all the way to Buccament,” he said.

Edgar Harvey-Lewis, the new operator of the station, said that it was no big deal.

“I was here at the time when the station became available, so it was just an opportunity and let’s see where we can go from here,” he modestly said.

Harvey-Lewis is originally from Union Island and spends his time between Chateaubelair, New York and Union Island.