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Mother says she won’t stop until she gets justice for her son’s injuries

Mother says she won’t stop until she gets justice for her son’s injuries


Antoinette Chandler was awakened on Saturday evening to the news that her eldest son had been shot in Layou. John Chandler, 23, was shot in the jaw by a police officer, while taking part in the Leeward leg of the carnival caravan, making its way to Kingstown.{{more}}

Antoinette, a resident of Kingstown Park, explained that she was at home sleeping when her daughter called to say that John had been shot.

“Dem kick him up and do him all thing you know. And when dem done, them shoot the boy …all he teeth come out,” she said.

With tears in her eyes, Antoinette said she felt horrible, especially since this is the second time that her son has been injured by the police. She stated that John was knocked down in the area of the Salvation Army when he was six years old.

“I don’t feel good…my child get lick down when he was six years old. Police lick him down…when he six years old going Anglican school.”

The distraught mother said up to the present time, she has never received satisfaction for that incident and she will not abandon the current incident without getting justice.

“I not leaving that so. He face swell all thing…,” Chandler said, while explaining that her son had a large bandage on his face.

Chandler said John, the eldest of five children, lives in Paul’s Lot with one of his sisters and that no one was able to sleep after hearing the news.

“None of my children them sleep. My daughter ain’t sleep Saturday night because two of them accustom be in the house,” said Chandler.

John is a patient on the Male Surgical ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and is being guarded by police officers.

“Say them watching my child. My child na do nutting. Dem done do my child wah dem fuh do him and war come beat up my child,” the upset mother lamented.

The incident in Layou left two persons, including Chandler, nursing bullet wounds.