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Cocoa farmers told to prepare for planting 2013 crop


The interim executive committee of the cocoa farmers’ movement has called on farmers to prepare for planting the 2013 crop between May and November this year.{{more}}

The Cocoa Producers’ Cooperative Society (COPCO) Ltd is organizing cocoa cultivation workshops during the month of May for farmers in five districts.

The first culti-tech workshop will take place from 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, at Sans Souci.

This workshop is for all interested farmers from Peruvian Vale to Byera, including those from the inland valleys/villages of Greiggs, Chapmans, Park Hill and South Rivers.

During this month, the “culti-tech” workshop will introduce farmers to the basic steps of two operations, namely: preparing the plant, planting the crop, and interplanting.

A release from COPCO said they are expecting that farmers will establish at least 500 acres of new cocoa cultivation during this first year. The committee promises to roll out more training in good cultivation and good business as the season progresses.

At the workshop at Sans Souci on Thursday, farmers will be able to register their cocoa cultivation plans, and to buy their shares in the cocoa cooperative.

This month, COPCO is looking forward to farmers putting in at least 50 acres of cocoa plantings, the release said.