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Maduro’s victory should be recognized


The legitimacy of the Venezuelan elections held on April 14, in which Nicolas Maduro, the political heir of Hugo Chavez won with a slim majority over Henrique Capriles, must not be undermined.{{more}}

Mike Browne, President of the Venezuelan Vincentian Friendship Association (VENVIFA), speaking at an event to commemorate the 203rd anniversary of the first step of Venezuelan Independence and the celebration of victory for President-Elect Maduro, said that there was very little difference between the April 14, 2013 and October 7, 2012 elections.

The only differences were that the candidates had changed and the percentage points were closer.

“But we cannot let the arithmetic undermine the legitimacy of the election,” Browne said.

“We hear that powerful forces in Washington are reluctant to recognize the victory by Maduro,” he continued.

Whether it was 10, two or one percentage points, VENVIFA’s president said that the point was that Maduro had won the election.

Browne read from a statement issued by VENVIFA on April 15, the day after the Venezuelan election.

“VENVIFA notes that defeated presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has stated that he will not accept the results until all votes are counted. While we accept that he is entitled to legal recourse, we remind him of his own words that ‘the decision of the people is sacrosanct’ and urge that all measures be taken to maintain peace,” the statement indicated.

He said that it was important to stand firm with the president-elect of Venezuela and that people here need to stand firmly with the electoral process in that country.

“Whatever small difficulties there might have been and in all elections we have these…that’s fine; challenge, but do not mobilize the people to undermine and destabilize the government,” Browne said.

He explained that the interest shown in the newly elected administration was not out of fear that if the Maduro administration were to be destabilized this country stands to lose the support to finish the construction of the international airport, but it was because of the sovereignty of Venezuela. (DD)