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Fight breaks out at peace march

Fight breaks out at peace march


A fight between two men on Friday, April 19, almost marred an event at Sion Hill that sought to put an end to crime and violence in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

At about 8:30 p.m., during the “Leave Out Violence” in St Vincent Association (LOVNSVG) rally at the Sion Hill intersection, which followed a march, two men exchanged blows just a few feet from where the event was taking place.

SEARCHLIGHT was present on the scene when a minibus pulled up at the bus stop to let out passengers. Moments later, several persons were seen running to the location of the van when two men, one said to be the conductor and the other, a passenger, engaged in a skirmish that saw police officers rush into action.

Despite the presence of the police, both men continued hurling words at each other and attempted to free themselves from police officers to continue fighting.

One of the men, whose shirt was covered in what appeared to be blood, kept shouting “Way he do me that fa? Way he do me that fa?”

The other man, who was also being held by police, shouted, “Way alyo holding me fa? Is he alyo fo lock up. Na me…”

A police transport was called to the scene and while officers were carrying the men to the open back vehicle, the man with the bloodied shirt attempted to kick at the other man, resulting in one of his slippers being left in the middle of the road.

The man, now with one slipper, was placed in the back of the truck, while the other man was placed inside the truck before it was driven away.

Shortly after the fight, organisers of LOVNSVG disassociated themselves from the fight and noted that none of the men involved were from the Sion Hill area or were a part of the rally.(KW)