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Morgan scores $100 goal in Digicel ‘Kick to Win’ promotion

Morgan scores $100 goal in Digicel ‘Kick to Win’ promotion


Having the expertise to be able to accurately kick a soccer ball paid off for Barrouallie resident Keisha Morgan.{{more}}

Morgan is the winner of Digicel’s half time “Kick to Win” promotion which was held at Victoria Park on Sunday, April 14.

Morgan got the opportunity to go onto the field during the half-time break of the quarter-final Inter-League Community Competition game between South Leeward and Central Kingstown.

She was given three chances to kick a soccer ball from half line into an empty net. Morgan got the chance after she entered a raffle held the same night at the park. For being successful, Morgan won herself EC$100 credit.

Her only other competitor was Orland Browne of Campden Park, who failed to connect on any of his three attempts. Browne was rewarded with EC$25 credit for his attempts.