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Lions Club St Vincent South plants 50 trees

Lions Club St Vincent South plants 50 trees


The Lions Club St Vincent South, in collaboration with the Forestry Department, on Saturday, April 20, planted 50 trees at the Montreal Water Shed.{{more}}

This event is part of the “Protecting our Environment” campaign, a Lions global campaign taking place during the month of April that focuses on improving and protecting the environment.

“Organizing this project gives us an opportunity to join other communities around the world in celebration of Earth Day and show the strength of our global network in addressing the many environmental issues facing our planet.

“There is an urgent need for the global community to take action to protect the environment, given the many issues facing our planet such as climate change, deforestation, and loss of plant and wildlife. Lions clubs from around the world have been committed to protecting the environment for several decades and we understand that every small effort makes a big difference” said project chairperson, Lion Artis Davis.

Speaking at a brief ceremony following the tree planting exercise, Forestry Education officer Cathleen Trumpet said “It’s important to plant trees because they help to conserve water which is important.” She applauded the efforts of the Lions Club St Vincent South for making the tree planting exercise an annual one, after the planting of 100 trees at the Montreal Watershed last year.

The 50 species of trees, including galba, mahogany and fiddle wood, planted by the Lions Club St Vincent South, will compliment the 1 million trees already planted by Lions around the world.

Members of the Lions Club St Vincent South who participated in the event were very excited with the tree planting project, as it was viewed as part of our contribution to global biodiversity. The Lions are committed to making it an annual signature project and further pledged to adopt an area to plant only fruit trees, as a further extension to the project.

The club spearheaded the planting of 100 trees last year at the Montreal Watershed. This year’s tree planting project by the Lions Club St Vincent South coincided with the 43rd anniversary celebrations of World Earth Day in SVG, yesterday.