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Customer wins “LIME BIG WINS” promotion

Customer wins “LIME BIG WINS” promotion


Joan George of Stubbs is the latest winner in the LIME “Big Wins” promotion.{{more}}

A release from LIME says George was elated when she received the call from a LIME representative, telling her she just won $250.

George is a “shut in” and unable to move around.

According to the release, George proudly boasted that “I have been a LIME customer from ever since and my phone never got disconnected”.

The “LIME BIG WINS” promotion rewards LIME patrons for simply doing the right thing. When LIME customers pay their bill on time, in full or even in advance, they are entered into a weekly draw to win.

Five winners are pulled weekly, which includes one grand prize every week. Grand prizes include FREE LIME services for up to one year and cash of up to $1,000.

This promotion ended on April 5 with 40 lucky customers winning unexpected prizes.

“It is also an extension of our existing “Reward Points” programme, which again rewards customers for paying their bills on time and in full, by giving redeemable points towards the purchase of products or accessories and also redeemable at CFL supermarket for groceries. These are a few of the things LIME does to give back to its customers and reward them for keeping their post-paid accounts current,” the release from LIME said.