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Vincyhotspot gives C.W. Prescod School a facelift

Vincyhotspot gives C.W. Prescod School a facelift


Thanks to the efforts of the promotion group Vincyhotspot, students and teachers of the C.W. Prescod Primary School returned to a partly refurbished building yesterday morning.{{more}}

Garth Ryan, founder of Vincyhotspot, says the project, which was done in association with promotion group DTP, is their way of giving back.

The Stubbs resident said since their J’Ouvert band, Skittles, uses the school’s compound to host their Carnival event annually, they saw it fit to clean and paint the school.

“We saw the school in a state for some time and we been trying to allocate some funds on our own to give the school a facelift. This is a primary school and although we don’t have any children, we just saw it fitting to give back something,” Ryan added.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the school on Friday afternoon, some members of Vincyhotspot and friends were busy painting the walls and stairs of the compound.

He said their initial intention was not to paint as much as they did, as they only intended to paint the first floor.

“However, when we came down here and we see what the school looked like, it just turned into this big project now that we have taken on…,” Ryan said.

Since the clean-up efforts commenced on April 6, Ryan said they have been able to accomplish several things, including removing the notice boards, which he said were infested with termites.

“We changing all the notice boards; we are going to power wash the school; we also did work in the library… This is just the first phase of what were are going to do. We only touched the ground floor and first floor, but in time, we are going to tackle the other floor,” Ryan said.

It is their intention to refurbish the library with the assistance of businesses. If that help is not forthcoming, Ryan said they will just raise the money themselves, by staging an event.

Ryan also spoke of their charity organisation called Vincy Wish, which he says means: “willingness inspires something honourable”.

“We not looking for any sort of praises or anything of that sort. We just want to do some good where we can just make a positive contribution. This is all youth oriented. We just want to help children,” he added.

To make their clean up efforts a reality, Ryan said they were able to solicit assistance from Trotmans, General Hardware, ACE Hardware, Hairoun, Protel, Third World Clothing Store, Multigraphics and Regis Splectron.

He said such a clean-up effort cost roughly $5,000, but noted that “it was all worth it”.

“I mean look, the youths here could have been doing something different. We instead have them here occupied doing something worthwhile. That’s why we put on our events, so that the youths can do something with their time,” Ryan added.

Ryan promised that come September, the school will be given another facelift.(KW)