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Final year nursing students to host Career Showcase this Friday


Forty-eight final year Registered Nursing students from the SVG Community College, Division of Nursing Education, will be involved in a Career Showcase this Friday.{{more}}

The showcase will be held at the Division of Nursing Education at Largo Height from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., under the theme: “Visionary Nursing Leadership”.

According to deputy dean and co-ordinator of the event Sister Beverly Liverpool, this activity is in keeping with the practical component of a course that is taught to the Registered Nursing students in their final year of training called “Nursing Professionalism”.

The overall aim of the Career Showcase is to assist the 3rd Year Registered Nursing students to examine areas of specialty that are available for Vincentian nurses, a release from the Division said.

The activity is an annual event; however, this year, the students will focus on five specialized areas, two of which are traditional areas and three, emerging/futuristic areas. The traditional areas are: Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Anesthetist, while the emerging areas are: Nurse Researcher, Forensic Nursing, Occupational Health and Safety Nurse.

During the presentations, students will display/illustrate changes that are envisioned within the Health Care System in the next 20 years, under the categories: Changes in Disease Pattern, Changes in Patient Care, Expanded Technology, Increasing Autonomy and Other.

Additionally, for the specialized areas chosen, the students will display the following: Course Availability, Pre-requisites for Entry, Programme/Course Details, Qualifications to be obtained, Financial Assistance for Study, Job Description, Salary and any additional knowledge and skills that will be needed in the area chosen for effective nursing practice in the next 20 years.

At the end of the Career Showcase, marks will be awarded for creativity, accuracy, organization, adequacy of content and neatness, et cetera, the release said.

Fifth Form students from some of the secondary schools in the Kingstown area have been invited to attend the one-day event.