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Screwed up ‘red belly’

Screwed up ‘red belly’


A Peruvian Vale woman and her niece are upset at the attitude of some employees at a Kingstown supermarket, after they tried to return a pastry in which they claim a screw had been found.{{more}}

They are also calling on the supermarket to provide them with “proper redress”.

Nathalie Matthews said that her niece, Tabrina Jacobs, purchased a “red belly” from a supermarket in Kingstown on Wednesday morning, as she was getting off work.

The woman said that her niece told her that she shared the four pastries in the bag among her children, before taking one for herself, but as she bit into the cake, she bit on to what turned out to be a screw.

Horrified, Matthews said that she immediately advised her niece to return to town in order to get some redress for what had taken place and that she (Matthews) would accompany her.

“She didn’t even realize the length of the screw until she got back to the supermarket,” Matthews said.

But when they got to the supermarket, the woman said that they spoke first to a supervisor, who then put her on to the head of the bakery, who, after a short while, returned from speaking to a manager.

They claim they were told that there was nothing that could be done to help them.

“She didn’t even have the decency to say tell them come and let me hear what they saying,” Matthews said.

“If she had called us and said ‘Oh, I am sorry about this; what can I do to make you feel happy’, because she’s young and she is expecting to get some redress.”

The woman said that her niece said that her teeth and tongue still hurt, after biting into the rusty screw.

The cakes cost 60 cents each, amounting to $2.40, but the women say that they need some proper redress.

Jacobs said that she usually enjoys the cakes and that it was customary for her to purchase the cakes from the said establishment.

However after this experience, she said that she is having second thoughts about doing so again.

Jacobs also noted that the supermarket employees did not deny that the pastry had been purchased at their establishment.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the supermarket, the individual we spoke to, after inquiring, refuted the claim that the women were not treated properly.

The employee said that the first supervisor to whom the women spoke said instead that they were told that nothing could be done at the precise moment, but rather at a later time. (DD)