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Rating system for tourism players by middle of 2013

Rating system for tourism players by middle of 2013


Glen Beache, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) says that he is hoping that by the middle of the year, the proposed rating system for stakeholders in the tourism industry can be implemented.{{more}}

It was announced last year that a rating system was going to be introduced to implement a set of required standards among service providers involved in the tourism sector.

Speaking at a tourism press conference Tuesday, Beache said that a lot has been done since the idea was first proposed, and he hoped that later this year, the SVGTA would begin doing its checks of all involved in the tourism industry.

According to Beache, even though much has been done in the area of tourism, this country does not have in place, a basic standards system.

“But we need to get on stream especially with the coming of the Argyle International Airport,” he explained.

The aim, he further explained, is to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders meet the minimum standards set out by the SVGTA.

Among the standards Beache outlined, are those that would guide taxi-operators, short term car rentals, tour guides and operators; and for hotels, apartments and guest houses to ensure that the basic requirements are adhered to, such as the wearing of hair nets by kitchen staff, hot running water etc.

A ratings system would prevent issues such as over rating, which Beache said has happened in other parts, where hotels are allowed to rate themselves, only for it to be discovered by guests that they are being made to pay four star prices, but receive two star service.

“We want to make sure that we get off on the right footing with that,” the CEO said.

A lot has been done in the mean time Beache said, which included consultations and on Monday, members of the SVGTA met with the Attorney General, Judith Jones-Morgan where she was briefed on the types of minimum standards that will be looked at.

According to the SVGTA’s CEO, this was not to shut the doors of any one establishment, but to get the small things right.

He further explained that once routine checks have started and establishments are lacking in certain areas, they will be given some time to right the wrongs.

It is also expected that the SVGTA would be the authoritative body making the necessary inspections.

But Beache warned that inspections would be random to ensure that stakeholders maintain the required standards. (DD)