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Farmers to commence intercropping some 30,000 hot peppers with cocoa


Farmers who have invested in the production of cocoa are being given the opportunity to earn additional income from the production of hot peppers for export.{{more}}

This initiative is currently being implemented with 15 farmers, as part of a pilot project launched by the St Vincent Cocoa Company. The project involves the intercropping of peppers in the newly established cocoa fields, so that they will generate income as the young cocoa plant grows. A market has already been identified in the USA for the purchasing of the peppers out of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Accordingly, some 30,000 pepper plants of the Habanero variety will be distributed this week.

A release from the Ministry of Agriculture said Minister Saboto Caesar noted that it is important for new cocoa farmers to seize the opportunity to intercrop the new cocoa fields with other cash crops which can provide and income while the cocoa grows. He applauded the efforts at diversifying the cocoa fields.