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Cultural activist presents lecture at Prep School

Cultural activist presents lecture at Prep School


Grade 5 pupils of the Kingstown Preparatory School now know more about local cultural activist David “Darkie” Williams.{{more}}

As part of the school’s activities for National Heroes and Heritage Month, celebrated in March, Williams presented a one-hour lecture to the pupils.

Teacher, Michelle Joyette, said she wanted to share with her students the biography of Williams, and what better way to do it than to have him present it himself.

During the presentation, the students learnt about Williams’ experiences and personal achievements over the decades, from writing plays and poems, acting, publishing books and his personal contribution towards the recognition of Joseph Chatoyer as a National Hero.

Williams, who is president of the Garifuna Heritage Foundation, also strolled down the historical path, educating the students about struggles faced by this country’s past leaders, such as Milton Cato, Ebenezer Theodore Joshua and Joseph Chatoyer.

“The students were very enthusiastic,” Joyette told SEARCHLIGHT.

“it was really exciting to have someone with that amount of knowledge on St Vincent history and culture share it with the students.

“He got their full attention,” the Grade 5 teacher added.

Joyette stated that some of the students didn’t know who Williams was, but after meeting him in person and listening to his presentation, “they would never forget.”

Following the reaction of her students towards the initiative, Joyette says she plans to invite more speakers to share their life history, as well as the history of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Sometimes we have to go beyond the books. Children hear about persons such as Williams and others, but they do not know them. It was such a delight to hear my students relate to me after all that was said.” (AA)