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Cocoa Producers’ Co-op Society to be launched


Vincentian farmers are to have their own cooperative of Cocoa Producers here.{{more}}

On March 28, in spite of the weekend bustle, a group of farmers from the windward, the leeward and the “valley” met and passed the definitive by-laws of COPCO SVG—the Cocoa Producers’ Cooperative Society Ltd.

The farmers had discussed and shaped these by-laws in several earlier meetings and on March 28, they satisfied them.

According to a release from the group, at the Agribusiness workshop, the participants also discussed the business plan of the COPCO for the years 2013-2016.

The release said the participants agreed that as COPCO comes fully into being, it will be the vehicle that positions the farmers as leading partners in a sustainable cocoa industry in SVG. One of COPCO’s pledges is to become a business school for farmers and to have men, women and young persons as equitable stakeholders in cocoa.

“Interested persons are encouraged to support and look out for further development of COPCO as we mobilize farmers towards our launch at the first Annual General Meeting in June,” the release said.