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Banker wins Digicel Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone

Banker wins Digicel Samsung Galaxy  S3 smart phone


Banker Leroy Rose has proven himself to be a meticulous record keeper and as a result, the Clare Valley man is now the proud owner of a Digicel Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone, free of cost.{{more}}

As part of Digicel’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the company held a promotion in which they asked persons to bring in as many post paid receipts as possible.

The person with the most receipts (Rose in this case) would win the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Rose, who works at the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines, presented 119 post paid receipts, one short of the 120 which would have shown that he had every single monthly receipt since the company opened its doors here ten years ago.

When questioned about the missing receipt, Rose said that when Digicel began operations here, he was a prepaid customer for the first month then changed to post paid in month two.

“I kept all the receipts and I’m glad I did because it has paid off with me winning this phone”, said Rose whose closest competitor was a woman who had 39 receipts.

“I feel great because this came at a time when I needed a change of phones and I was planning to buy one, so I am glad to have won”, said Rose.

The smart phone was presented by marketing manager Juno DeRoche who stressed that Digicel is always looking at ways to keep customers happy, as well as providing a bit of entertainment along with great service at the same time.