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Ollivierre wants funds set aside for Easterval

Ollivierre wants funds set aside for Easterval


Representative for the Southern Grenadines, Terrance Ollivierre says Government needs to inject more sponsorship into the annual Union Island Easterval festivities.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, just before the start of the Miss Easterval Pageant at the Ashton hard court on March 31, Ollivierre said the festival is one which attracts a lot of visitors from the region and it is a time where locals share the country’s heritage with foreigners.

“I think what should be done, is for festivals like these, comparing the Easterval with Canouan, Bequia and Mayreau festivities, something should be stipulated in the budget every year, as to to the monies that are needed to run the festivals,” Ollivierre said.

He was also of the view that advertising of Easterval should not only be done locally, but regionally and internationally.

“We have quite a fan base from the region in terms of support. There is a need for more advertising, so when it comes to Easter, one of the major attractions and places to be in the Caribbean around this time is Union Island,” he added.

However, Ollivierre praised the committee for doing a great job in managing the festivities, which ran from March 23 and concluded on Monday, April 1.

“I think they are trying their best to ensure the festivities stay alive…,” Ollivierre noted.

He added that he thoroughly enjoyed the “Labulay” activity, a new addition to the Easterval line-up.

Ollivierre explained that Labulay was a night where locals, as well as visitors, participated in ring games and even had the chance to showcase their own skills.

“It was quite interesting that they tried to bring the festival to the people and incorporate things that are part of our cultural heritage,” said Ollivierre.(KW)