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Bickles closing downtown location

Bickles closing downtown location


Fast food restaurant Bickles has announced the closure of its Grenville Street location from close of business tomorrow, Saturday.{{more}}

A release from the company said the downtown location of the restaurant will be closed “in order to continue our core strategy [of] providing the highest quality in products, service and value to our many customers.

“In order to maintain this core principle, we have consolidated our operations into a single outlet to ensure we satisfy our mandate to our invaluable customers into the foreseeable future,” the release said.

The release also said some of their staff will be made redundant.

“Unfortunately, some staff will be made redundant. As such, anyone seeking new employees can contact our office at 451 2049, for referral to those employees available for employment.

“Our uptown branch now has a new look, the Staff are enthused and we are ready to give our customers even greater value.”

The release said as a gesture of gratitude, the closing Grenville Street location will host a Customer Appreciation Day tomorrow, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon for all customers making purchases during that period.