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Massive yam find

Massive yam find


A resident of Redemption Sharpes struck gold on Sunday afternoon when he dug a wild yam, approximately five feet long, in the mountains of Roseau.{{more}}

Syvon Pompey, a farmer, told SEARCHLIGHT that he had dug very large yams before; however, he has never found any this size.

“That one’s the biggest one I ever find since I digging them,” Pompey said.

He explained that he was in the mountains digging yam and was about to go home when he came across what he said was a snake yam vine.

“I say today is my day,” the farmer said.

Pompey stated that his treasure was a special breed of wild yam, growing naturally without fertilizers. The farmer also noted that his find was much bigger; a small piece was left in the earth because of how deep it was in the rock terrace.

“You [have to] take your time to dig them [or] you’ll break them up,” Pompey stated.

Pompey mentioned that he intends to sell the yam and already had a buyer lined up. (BK)