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Local journalists take closer look at airport progress

Local journalists take closer look at airport progress


Local journalists received an up-close-and-personal look at the progress taking place at the international airport, during a media tour of the site on Monday.{{more}}

The media workers were briefed by Dr Rudy Matthias, Chief Executive Officer of the International Airport Development Corporation (IADC), Chief Engineers Jeffery Cato and Professor Leonardo Perez, as well as architect Romel Ollivierre, on the status of the various areas of development taking place at Argyle, outlining the triumphs and trials of the US $240 million project.

Matthias informed the media that, as of last Friday, more than 85 per cent of the earthworks had been completed, with the remaining 15 per cent to be done by the end of the year.

He also spoke of the Corporation requiring another $80 million for the completion of the airport, with $44 already identified, and another $36 million needed.

The CEO said that the timely completion of the airport would depend on the ability to accumulate the required funds.

The media was informed, however, that the terminal building was actually ahead of schedule, and it is likely that the facility could be ready as early as October this year, instead of the expected December date.

Members of the media also got a look at the various lights, which are expected to be installed around the airport in the upcoming weeks.

Officials are optimistic that all will be in place by the scheduled end of year to early 2014 deadline, with the facility to be operational by mid 2014. (JJ)