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Science and Technology Expo showcasing students creative, innovative abilities this week


A number of students across the nation will display their creativity, innovation and desire to invent, with the launch of the National Science and Technology Exposition, which began yesterday and runs until Friday.{{more}}

The event started over three decades ago as a way of motivating students’ interest in studying science.

It also aims to foster students’ interest in the teaching profession as teachers of science and to stimulate students’ creativity, innovation and the desire to invent.

Its objectives also include motivating students’ interest in local, regional and international issues that relate to the conservation of the environment, poverty reduction, and food security.

The National Science and Technology Exposition is a production of the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with St Vincent and the Grenadines Science Teachers’ Association.

It has been made possible this year with the assistance of VINLEC, ECGC, and St Vincent Brewery Ltd.