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Final days of VINLEC’s Energy Use Awareness Exhibition

Final days of VINLEC’s Energy Use Awareness Exhibition


The general consensus of visitors to the Energy Use Awareness Exhibition put on by St Vincent Electricity Services Limited is that the showcase is impressive and enlightening.{{more}}

VINLEC’s historic exhibition, which was launched on November 15, 2012, seeks to promote energy management/energy conservation at the national level. It is designed to illustrate how varying types of equipment consume electricity and provide guidelines on how to purchase appliances and equipment to ensure optimal functioning in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

A range of equipment is on display, including refrigerators, freezers, televisions, fans, kettles, irons, transformers, light bulbs and computers. By viewing the screen on a plug in power monitor attached to each piece of equipment, visitors are able to see the energy used by the equipment, the length of time the equipment is on and also the related cost associated with the energy consumed.

Responding to a question about the effectiveness of the exhibition, one visitor, Annisha Alexander, noted that it is “very helpful and this display was a huge eye opener. I will definitely keep the tips learnt in mind and apply them to my everyday activities to help lower energy use.”

VINLEC is also using the opportunity to speak to issues related to electrical safety, and provide general information on the issues that impact the public, such as voltage and frequency, requirements for new connections, emergency complaints/issues, among others.

As the exhibition moves into the final days, VINLEC is calling on the public to visit the showing at the old Voyager building to get information on how to “Measure and Manage Your Energy Use.”

VINLEC extends sincerest appreciation to the local business houses that supported the project, namely C. D. Veira Ltd, Y De Lima, Courts St. Vincent, Finishing and Furnishing, Karib Cable, Aces Caribbean and Trotman’s Electronics Service Ltd.

The creative showcase will end on Friday, January 18.