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Karib Cable customers spin to win prizes for Christmas

Karib Cable customers  spin to win prizes  for Christmas


Karib Cable customers who paid their bills and signed up for services on December 28, 2012, were not disappointed, as they walked away with many gifts and prizes. Adding to the cheer was Santa who treated the many customers who were in the store from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.{{more}}

All customers who brought their account up to date or signed up for any Karib Cable service got an opportunity to spin the wheel. Customers walked away with gifts and prizes such as free cable TV packages, free Internet service, flash drives, notepads, free cable service and Digicel cell phone credits.

Sales and marketing manager Elroy Edwards said his company seeks to give customers more than one opportunity to win and get great value.

“This activity or promotion is an addition to the numerous value oriented prepositions that customers benefited from this Christmas season and can continue to benefit from for the New Year”.

Edwards further said the spinner wins whatever item the wheel stops on and nobody left the wheel empty-handed.