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Mother seeks help of public in locating 13-year-old daughter

Mother seeks help of public in locating  13-year-old daughter


While most Vincentians spent the Christmas season celebrating, Joanne Roberts had a miserable time, because her daughter, Maxisha Richardson, has been missing since November 30, 2012.{{more}}

Roberts, a resident of Trigger Ridge, Redemption Sharpes, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that her 13-year-old daughter left home that Friday morning and never returned.

“I couldn’t enjoy no Christmas because this never happen in my life and I am deeply depressed about her going missing like that,” the mother said.

Roberts did, however, say that her 11-year-old son reported seeing his sister in the community on several occasions.

“But I never saw her and now people saying she out Prospect,” Roberts said.

Maxisha, the fifth of eight children and a first form student of the Intermediate High School, was last seen by her mother dressed in blue skirt, a white top and a pair of blue slippers.

“Since she left (home) and some times when I reach home from work I would see that pieces of the house was removed and some of her clothes taken, because we live in a board house, so they used to move the board and push through their hand, whoever it was,” the mother explained.

Roberts said that she and Maxisha have always had a good relationship, but she is now puzzled as to what may have contributed to her daughter’s disappearance.

“As a normal teenager, she had her little attitude sometimes when you ask her to do things, but apart from that, she was fine.”

Roberts said the matter has been reported to the police, but to date her daughter has not been found.

The depressed mother said she is very uncomfortable knowing that her daughter is out there somewhere and she has no idea what has happened or what she is doing.

“I am appealing to the public if they see Maxisha anywhere call the police and let them know please.” (AA)