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Canadian TV show takes SVG Nine Mornings worldwide

Canadian TV show takes SVG Nine Mornings worldwide


Exposure to St Vincent and the Grenadines’ unique Nine Mornings culture was taken to a higher level this year, with the live streaming of activities worldwide.{{more}}

This was thanks to Caribbean Connections TV, a Toronto, Canada based television show, which broadcast four days of Nine Mornings activities, via its website

St Vincent born Paradise Nicole Hendrickson, who was accompanied by videographer and “unofficial Vincy” Ed Hawk, spoke to SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week on the team’s first taste of Nine Mornings.

“As Caribbean Connections, it is my first Nine Mornings… and it’s my first Nine Mornings ever!” said Hendrickson, the show’s host and executive producer.

“I just didn’t realize that it was so dynamic and so unique, and so much fun,” she added.

“Now that I experienced it, I can’t wait to share it with the viewers, so they’d know if you have to come to St Vincent and the Grenadines in December, come for Nine Mornings. I’ve never experienced anything like this in all my travels; and I travel a lot.”

While here, Hendrickson and Hawk were caught up in capturing the various aspects of the tradition on film, not only for publication on their website, but also for their weekly television show, which airs on City TV on Saturday mornings.

Their travels took them to a number of the rural Nine Mornings and Christmas events, including the lighting up of homes and villages and street performances.

Hendrickson said that the reaction to their streaming has been overwhelming.

“A lot of our dedicated viewers love us for that, because wherever we go they are there too, so they can’t wait to see where Caribbean Connections is… they email us, they try and call and say ‘wow’, even when it’s getting streamed, and most of the time it’s free.”

Hendrickson said that the trip could not have been possible or worthwhile, without the assistance of persons here at home and overseas.

She took the opportunity to share a heartfelt thanks to those responsible for making the venture a successful one.

“One of our major sponsors is Osborne Barnwell from Canada; he is a very popular lawyer who sponsored our airfare.

“Digicel sponsored our live stream, and LIME also sponsored one of our live streams. It was good to have those powers working together to bring SVG to the world; that’s really nice.

“We also have to thank the Nine Mornings organizing committee, Cobblestone Inn, Bay Hill Apartments, Veejays Restaurant and Bay Hill Adventure tours. We have to thank them for their support; they made everything so much easier; we got a lot of support which made it easy for us to stream and record.”

As for future plans to visit St Vincent and the Grenadines, Hawk said that the team is already making plans to visit for the 2013 carnival celebrations, although an attempt to do so this year did not materialize.

“We would be here next year for carnival if we get the support from CDC and others, because putting together a trip of this nature is expensive…. I’m hoping that we would be able to work closely with the CDC and try to work on,” he said.

The team left for Trinidad and Tobago on Boxing Day for three days of filming, following which they are expected to return to Toronto.(JJ)