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Forensic accountant swindled of $200

Forensic accountant swindled of $200


Forensic accountant and senior partner at KDLT Chartered Certified Accountants Kirk Da Silva is still in shock as to how a foreigner swindled him out of EC$200.{{more}}

Da Silva told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that he was at the High Tide Restaurant in Villa last Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. when Noor Mohammed Jami of England approached him and asked about exchange rates.

“I told him and he said, ‘Can you show me some EC dollars?’” Da Silva said he had just changed a cheque, so he had money on him. “So, pulling out my money. I’m looking through my money to give him maybe one so he can see it.”

Da Silva said the man grabbed the pile of money out of his hand, and after giving him (Da Silva) back, he realised that $200 was missing.

“I’m telling you, he’s really a professional. I didn’t see the money leave his hand or anything. It’s like he shuffle it (money) like cards and I said something was wrong…” Da Silva further explained.

He said after he took back his money, the man went along his way.

Intent on recovering his stolen money, Da Silva said he carried out his own investigations.

“I got the telephone number for the taxi he took and I was informed that he (Jami) was dropped off at the New Montrose Hotel and was staying in room 13.”

Da Silva then called in the police.

Da Silva said that when he went to the hotel he found out that Jami had paid the hotel US$200, but later asked back for that money and paid them with EC$200.

Jami, was then arrested and taken to the Serious Offences Court the following day.

On Friday, December 14, he pleaded guilty to theft of EC$200.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young fined Jami $200 forthwith or one month in jail. He was further ordered to pay compensation of $200 forthwith or spend one month in prison.

The magistrate also issued an order for Jami to be removed from the jurisdiction.

Following the events, Da Silva questioned why a man that old would want to come to the country and do something like that.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Jami arrived in St Vincent the same day the incident occurred and was scheduled to leave the following day.

It is further understood that prior to his trip to St Vincent, Jami made short visits to other Caribbean countries, staying no longer than a week. (KW)