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It’s like being thrown in the ocean without a lifebelt – Adams

It’s like being thrown in the ocean without a lifebelt – Adams


The St Mary’s Parish Church, Port Elizabeth, Bequia was filled to capacity last Thursday, as persons turned out for a thanksgiving service for the Venerable Father Charles Adams, on his retirement.{{more}}

Father Adams, 83, is retiring after serving as rector of the Parish of St Mary, Bequia with Holy Cross, Paget Farm, St Michael, Canouan, Mustique and St Matthias, Union Island.

Adams has been rector of the Parish of St Mary for more than forty years and has served as Archdeacon of St Vincent and the Grenadines for approximately thirty years. He also served at the St George’s Parish Church, Archdeaconry of Grenada during the interregnum in 1984-85.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT after the service, a smiling Father Adams said “It’s like being thrown in the middle of the ocean without a lifebelt, but it’s a thanksgiving service and I want to say thanks to the people.

“You don’t know how happy I am here over the many years I’ve served. I am so happy and I live with the people and I’ve had no problems at all,” he added.

The next step for Father Adams is to get his own home in Bequia, where he plans to reside for the remainder of his retirement years.

“I should have gotten a house here years ago, but I was so busy doing the Lord’s work,” he chuckled.

The four hour long service featured a sermon by Dean Patrick Mc Intosh, who spoke about the life of Father Adams and his “outstanding” work as a minister of God.

Father Adams was also instrumental in building the Bequia Anglican High School, and has given yeoman service to the people of Bequia through his ministry and involvement in social and community work.

He assisted many young people in the Parish and beyond in pursuit of their goals and has been a strength and comfort to those who were in difficulty or need.

“The people, all of us and especially for the young, saw you as an inspirational leader,” said Mc Intosh.

Several high profile members of society attended the thanksgiving, including Parliamentary Representative for the Northern Grenadines Godwin Friday, former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, former minister of education John Horne, retired radio personality Nina Maloney and former Consul General in New York Cosmus Cozier. (AA)