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Couple loses home to fire in Vermont

Couple loses home to fire in Vermont


A Vermont man and his girlfriend lost their home and its contents to fire on Thursday.{{more}}

Lawrence Collins and Kenlyn Myers were not at their Queensbury home when the fire broke out around mid-morning.

Collins, 47, told SEARCHLIGHT on Thursday that he was working at a farm near his home.

“I was going up to the boss. When I reach up up there, my girl tell me look a smoke down there,” he said.

He said he initially thought the smoke was from a charcoal pit burning some distance from the house.

“When I run and come down, was my house on fire,” he said of the 34 x 18 foot, two-bedroom, wooden house.

After firefighters had doused the last flaming embers that remained after the blaze, the burnt out remains of electrical appliances were among the few pieces of evidence of the contents of the house.

“Well look them in front yo. Look a microwave, two freezers —” Collins said of the contents of the house.

“Wha’ me going do? I don’t know. Simple; I don’t know,” he further said as the tears that were welling up in his eyes trickled down his face. (