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Students of Byera pre-school visit PM Gonsalves


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves received a special visit on Monday from teachers and students of the Byrea Save the Children Fund Educational Centre (Bi-Save Pre-School).{{more}}

The visit came as result of a request made by the school to visit the Prime Minister’s Office.

In an interview, Dr Gonsalves noted that pre-schools visit the Prime Minister’s Office from time to time. However, this was the first time that the Bi-Save Pre-School was visiting and he was very happy to host the pre-school, which hails from his constituency.

He noted that one of the reasons why he got into politics was to be able to meet with the youths of this country. Dr Gonsalves noted that the youths are now living in a world with many challenges, but there are systems in place to take of them.

Principal of the Byrea Save the Children Fund Educational Centre, Nicole Lampkin said she was happy to visit the Prime Minister’s Office and she thanked the Prime Minister for accepting their request and for hosting them.

The pre-schoolers recited a poem saying thank you to the Prime Minister for hosting them. They also presented early Christmas cards to Dr Gonsalves.

Vasinca Caine, one of the teachers of the school, also presented a bouquet of flowers to Dr Gonsalves, showing the school’s appreciation for the visit.