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SVG High Commission holds Independence celebration

SVG High Commission holds Independence celebration


The High Commission for St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to the United Kingdom hosted an evening reception to commemorate SVG’s 33rd year of Independence,{{more}} preceded by an Evensong service at Westminster Abbey, where Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, delivered the second reading during the service.

The events were attended by Prime Minster Gonsalves his wife Eloise Gonsalves, his mother-in-law Ursula Harris, the prime minister’s children Soleil and Storm Gonsalves, staff of the SVG High Commission, Vincentian diaspora, Dr Christopher Stange – Hon. Consul for SVG to Northern Ireland, respective Chairs of the various SVG national associations in the UK and friends of SVG.

High Commissioner Cenio Lewis provided the welcome, followed by a prayer by Mikhail Charles and the SVG National Anthem. The Prime Minster then provided the Independence address, updating all Vincentians on SVG’s foreign policy, Argyle international airport, education and wellness revolution, infrastructure developments, and exercising SVG’s full independence and sovereignty to the interests and benefits of the entire nation. He concluded by extending warm wishes to all Vincentians on this 33rd year of our Independence.

To honour the 10 individuals in the Vincentian diaspora that have made remarkable contributions to the community, the Prime Minister distributed award certificates hand signed by himself.

The evening concluded with a banquet of food, refreshments and networking.