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Farmer loses home in fire, grateful for assistance from his neighbours

Farmer loses home in fire, grateful for assistance from his neighbours


Alfred Edwards, farmer of Spring Village, may be homeless, but he says that he is grateful to his neighbours for all that they have done for him in his time of need.{{more}}

The 49-year-old man who lived alone, lost his home to fire on Monday, October 29.

There was no loss of life, as he said that he had gone to visit his 85-year-old mother who lives a short distance away.

Edwards explained that he left his home, a two bedroom wooden structure just before 7 p.m.

About a half an hour after, Edwards said while he was at his mother’s, he heard what he thought was the local boys in the village blowing bamboo.

“I said to my mother like them children blowing bamboo under the rock … not to know is my house on fire,” Edwards told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said that neighbours alerted him, but by the time he got to his home, it was already too late.

Edwards said that the fire may have been caused by a piece of charcoal, although he maintained that he extinguished the fire before leaving his home.

He explained that while he owns a stove, he uses a coal pot – which he used the said evening.

The farmer said that it was his intention to visit his mother and then eat when he returned to his home later in the evening.

The fire destroyed all of Edwards’ belongings he said, adding that neighbours have given him some articles of clothing to wear since the fire.

Despite his loss, Edwards said that he was grateful to neighbours, friends and all who attempted to save his home and to all who offered him some comfort.

“Me been feel down, down, but I thank everyone for the little speech to keep me up,” Edwards said. (DD)