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Business houses in Kingstown being targeted by criminals


The spate of robberies, burglaries and theft, which began about one month ago, continues to plague business houses in capital Kingstown.{{more}}

Carlos Veira, proprietor of Veira’s Agencies and Courtesy Sports says that his establishment at Lower Kingstown Park was robbed sometime between 24th and 25th October.

Veira said that thieves made off with a quantity of soft drinks and soap powder from his storeroom.

This is the second time in a matter of months that robbers have targeted the business place, following a daring daylight robbery when armed bandits got away with a bag containing just over $15,000 of the day’s earnings.

Another wholesale establishment was also victim of an attempted robbery last week, after an employee of Premium Distributors had the night deposit bag pulled from his grasp, as he was making his way back to the business place in Paul’s Avenue.

The employee said that as he was making his way back after collecting the night deposit bag, he felt something at the back of his neck what he said felt like a gun and was asked to drop the bag.

No money was reportedly taken in this incident.

On Wednesday evening, the proprietor of Medix Pharmacy on Grenville Street was reportedly beaten and robbed of a quantity of money at his home at Golden Vale.

Police are said to be investigating the theft of over $40,000 from a money transfer office in Kingstown. SEARCHLIGHT understands that an employee of that establishment is assisting police with investigations into the matter.

Other business houses were also victims, including the office of SEARCHLIGHT at Lower Kingstown Park, which was robbed of the day’s takings by two men who entered the premises of the newspaper at about 4:20 p.m. on October 10.

It has also been reported that two masked men robbed, at gunpoint, the proprietor and an employee of an ice cream parlour on North River Road on October 19. It is said they made away with a gold chain and $1,000 in cash.

Searchlight also understands that a money lending establishment in Kingstown was also the victim of a robbery, last week. However, when contacted for comment, management said they would have to get clearance from their head office before they could say anything.

Burglars also got away with over $15,000 in jewelry from Tash jewelry store, located in the Standard Grocery Building, on October 4.