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Blackfish oil now in travel size bottles

Blackfish oil now in travel size bottles


Blackfish oil is now available in handy travel size bottles at various retail locations around St Vincent.{{more}}

Perlette Primus-Hannaway, a teacher and small business owner, says she has been bottling the fish oil for approximately two years.

Primus-Hannaway, a resident of Barrouallie, told SEARCHLIGHT that she was inspired to start bottling blackfish oil because of the significant role the mammal, also known as the short-finned pilot whale, has played in the history of Barrouallie, as well as its growing importance to those outside of the community.

She stated further that she thought bottling the product would be a good business venture, which would allow her to present blackfish oil in an attractive and user friendly manner.
“Traditionally, it was being bottled in big rum bottles, not very sanitary and so on,” she said.
Primus-Hannaway said she purchases the processed oil from Samuel Hazelwood, a blackfish vendor. She explained that the oil is extracted when meat of the whale is cooked to make blackfish crisps.


Blackfish oil, according to Primus-Hannaway, has many uses and properties. It is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and aids in the treatment and prevention of the common cold, promotes healthy hair and skin, increases vitality and can be used as a dietary supplement.

“I have a very, very, faithful customer and he uses it as his Viagra,” Primus-Hannaway said.
The small business owner stated that the product is pure and has no additives; therefore, the oil carries the same odour as the blackfish. However, the packaging is done in such a manner that the smell is not apparent until the bottle is opened.

“The feedback has been very good, especially now that they’re available in the supermarket,” Primus-Hannaway said.

“They are available at Greaves Supermarket, Randy’s, Coreas Food Express, Coreas Minimart and Giggles airport shop.”
The blackfish oil is priced at approximately EC$10.

The entrepreneur is encouraging Vincentians, especially those abroad, to try her product, as according to her, they are familiar with the benefits of blackfish oil.

Primus-Hannaway said she hopes to expand by producing larger bottles, along with the travel size ones presently being produced.

The blackfish or the short-finned pilot whale is a mammal, and the largest of the oceanic dolphins. Blackfish is traditionally caught and prepared by fisherfolk in Barrouallie. (BK)