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13 graduate from BRAGSA literacy programme

13 graduate from BRAGSA literacy programme


Participants in a literacy programme organized by the Buildings, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA), graduated on Tuesday.{{more}}

The thirteen graduates, all employees of BRAGSA, participated in the programme, which ran from March 12 to September 29, this year.

The 25 two-hour sessions held over the six-month period, was geared at providing trainees with a basic understanding of certain aspects of language and communication.

“This exposure to language and communication at this stage in the life of these adults will greatly benefit each of them greatly,” said Gail Davis, the facilitator of the program.

Francis Clarke Palmer, Director of Adult and Continuing Education, stated in her address that teamwork and partnership are some of the key elements needed to succeed in adult education.

She also urged graduates to continue on their path in adult education and cautioned them saying, “if you don’t use it, you would lose it.

“You shouldn’t just leave it here. You should continue. Learning is lifelong, it’s forever,” Clarke Palmer said.

Valedictorian of the class Baron Bucchan was described as intelligent, vibrant and an excellent group leader.

Addressing the ceremony, Bucchan said that from a societal standpoint, education is not limited to schooling; rather, it includes man’s means of arming himself for life.

“We hear much nowadays about education and continuing education, courses and books designed to carry a man’s or woman’s education through life,” he said.

Bucchan pointed out various forms of education and their benefits and stressed that the acquisition of knowledge and preparation for a vocation is fundamental.

“Education goals are the ends that society sets for the education system [to] operate,” he said. “The aim of education is to fit men and women for life. It also encourages us to enhance ourselves in our chosen fields of occupation.”

The ten individuals who received certificates in the ceremony on Tuesday were Rupert Bascombe, Baron Bucchan, Richard Francois, Joseph James, Treasley James, Arnold John, Tracy Raggae, Karanjah Simmons, Collin Williams and Eli Wright.

Other participants who were unable to attend include Sandra David and Wayne French.(BK)