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History created at 33rd anniversary of Independence parade

History created at 33rd anniversary of Independence parade


History was created on Saturday as the nation celebrated its 33rd anniversary of Independence.{{more}}

When Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel delivered the Independence address, it was first time a female had done so.

Miguel was acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who was overseas on state business.

Also, the Governor General’s Deputy, Her Excellency Monica Dacon, inspected the troops in the absence of Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne.

Miguel urged the nation to thank God for the opportunity to experience the country’s 33rd anniversary of Independence.

She also explained Gonsalves’ absence.

“He is away on urgent national business. But I know where he is overseas, he is praying for our nation and its people at this moment at the anniversary of our Independence.

“Our Independence and sovereignty are of the utmost importance to our prime minister,” Miguel said.

She also mentioned the event at the Victoria Park in 1979 where the country’s first Prime Minister, Robert Milton Cato, raised the nation’s flag for the first time.

That occasion, she said, was joyous and honourable.

“We were then on our own in a challenging world. But our people were rightly convinced that we would succeed through our efforts, the many gifts and blessings from Almighty God and the sovereignty of our friends and diaspora overseas.

“Our National Anthem summed it up well: ‘What e’er the future brings, our faith will see us through’,” the deputy prime minister said.

After the address, the large gathering exited Victoria Park and headed uptown to witness the marching of the troops through Kingstown.

Thousands of Vincentians, attired in the national colours — blue, gold and green — witnessed this year’s Independence parade, which included a regiment from the British Navy. (AA)