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Be forgiving, show love to one’s colleagues – Deputy PM

Be forgiving, show love to one’s colleagues – Deputy PM


The key to becoming a true and good citizen of St Vincent and the Grenadines is to be forgiving and show love to one’s colleagues.{{more}}

That was the message relayed by Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel in her address to thousands of students at the National Independence Schools’ Rally Thursday at the Victoria Park.

Many of the students were busy running about during the rally, while others listened to the speakers at the event.

Miguel told the students that she has continuously been communicating with them, through the media and their teachers, about the need to become good citizens.

She said she hoped that they were heeding her messages.

“I want to ask all the boys and girls within the sound of my voice to do something for me. I noticed that some of us are very cruel to one another and I am asking us to be forgiving and loving.

“Boys and girls, if you remember nothing else that I ask you today, be forgiving, be loving, be kind…”

The former teacher and head- teacher also paid tribute to past educators of the nation who, she said, contributed to educating the nation about independence and its true meaning to Vincentians.

“Today I look back and I remember there were many men and women who are in their homes today. They cannot walk and many of them are bedridden, but they are the ones who held our hands and helped us to promote our national pride.

“And at this time I want to greet all our persons at home who would have helped us to reach to this stage who would have taught us.

“Our retired teachers, we salute you today from the ministry of education,” Miguel stated.

Thursday’s rally also heard addresses from Minister of Culture Cecil Mc Kie, and Chief Education Officer Luann Gilchrist.

Apart from the speeches, the gathering was treated to a number of cultural performances. (AA)