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NTRC/ACE collaborate on information technology sensitization campaign


A number of persons on Union Island are now better able to use a computer thanks to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) and their information technology sensitization campaign.{{more}}

On October 12, the NTRC, in collaboration with the Adult and Continuing Education Division of the Ministry of Education, held a one-day workshop where persons were schooled on using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, how to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and other basic computer functions.

The session was facilitated by adult educator John Erjavec and took place at the Learning Resource Centre in Ashton.

The NTRC’s Universal Service Fund Administrator Kyron Duncan said that as part of the USF’s first project, free Internet access has been placed at 29 locations throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said that workshops of this nature form part of the NTRC’s efforts to maximize the benefits of the free wireless Internet, while sensitizing persons about computers.

Duncan said that workshops of this nature have been taking place throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines every month.

“It does not make sense to put down the infrastructure and people don’t know how to use it,” said Duncan.

He added that it is often taken for granted that persons know how to do simple things like power up a computer.

It was also revealed that a few months ago, persons at the Golden Years Activity Centre in Cane Grove were taught about the use of the Internet. The computers at the Activity Centre were installed by the NTRC.

Duncan also revealed that the wireless Internet service at the learning resource centres should be available to persons 24 hours a day and can be accessed up to 200 metres from the source.

He said the wifi should not be turned off, as some centre employees sometimes do.

The NTRC workshop formed part of a two-day visit to Union Island by NTRC personnel. During the visit, the NTRC held a community discussion, where persons voiced their concerns about the telecommunications service provided on Union Island.

The discussion was held on October 11 at the Stephanie Browne Government School.