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Karib Cable donates seedlings to six schools

Karib Cable donates seedlings to six schools


Tuesday was observed as World Food Day and Telecommunications Company, Karib Cable, donated a number of seedlings to six schools in St Vincent, in keeping with their theme for the day, “Plant a tree today and feed the world tomorrow”.{{more}}

The seedlings, which included okra, sweet pepper, and egg-plant, were donated to the Sugar Mill Academy, the Discovery Pre-School, Head Start Pre-School, St Vincent Support Services, the School for Children with Special Needs and the Windsor Primary School.

During a handing over ceremony at the School for Children with Special Needs on Monday, Principal of the School, Phedra Samuel thanked Karib Cable for giving the students the opportunity to plant their own food.

“As the students get older, they will realize that they can plant things and use them for the household, and even make a living from it,” Samuel stated.

She explained that the school is elated which such a donation, since most of the time the school feels “left behind”.

Meanwhile, Elroy Edwards, sales and marketing manager of Karib Cable, noted that the donation will offer the school – children the opportunity to have their own gardens.

“With your own garden, you can eat fresh and stay healthy”, he said.

“It is also an opportunity to teach the children to be self-sufficient.

Each of us has a role in improving food security and contributing to the eradication of hunger. Planting a tree today does not only provide food to someone in SVG tomorrow, but can provide food for someone outside of SVG”, proclaimed Edwards.

The idea of the donation was conceptualized and is being speared headed by director of Karib Cable Jankie Glass. Each child was given three plants to take home and plant in a small garden.