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It was not our intention to misinform with television advertisement – Karib Cable


While the giant anaconda may be the largest snake in the world, it is not the longest.{{more}}

The children in a television advertisement for Karib Cable’s Broadband Internet service, however, seem to have been given a different impression, and are praised by an off-camera voice, when they answer: “Anaconda” to the question: “What is the longest snake in the world?”

The popular advertisement, which was first broadcast at the beginning of October, is being aired on SVG TV and several of the channels carried by Karib Cable.

According to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, the anaconda is the heaviest and largest in terms of diameter of all snakes, but is the second-longest currently existing snake in the world, behind the reticulated python.

When contacted by SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Elroy Edwards, sales and marketing manager said it was not the intention of Karib Cable to misinform the public.

He said the error was only drawn to his attention that day (Wednesday), and the company will replace the advertisement with another version shortly.

The advertisement features students of the Kingstown Government School.

Two other questions were asked of the students: “Who was the first prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines” and “What is the name of the national bird of St Vincent and the Grenadines”. Both of those questions were correctly answered.