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Chickens stolen from poultry farmer

Chickens stolen from poultry farmer


Despite having properly secured her chicken pen on Tuesday night, Shormer Neverson,{{more}} a poultry farmer of Lowmans Windward, awoke the following morning to find that eight of her 49 chickens were missing.

Neverson is one of the 75 persons benefiting from the South Windward poultry project that was launched in July this year.

She explained to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, that at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, she attended to her chickens – feeding them and then locking the door before she returned to her home.

Upon return to do her regular morning chores, she discovered that eight of her chickens were missing.

Where the pen is located, there are only three houses in the area, Neverson said, adding that her home is a short distance away.

“I went over there at about 5:55 this morning and my nephew told me, ‘Auntie, look’ and when I did, there was a big hole in the southern side of the pen,” she said.

The pen, which has two sections, was constructed with concrete flooring, galvanize, plywood and mesh wire at a cost of over $700.

According to Neverson, the individuals responsible gained access through the pen by cutting the mesh wire.

“It seems like there were two persons, because there was a sack with some saw dust in the pen. So, they emptied the sack and put the chicken in them. And by the hole, that sack couldn’t fit through that hole just like that.

“Someone had to go in and pass out while the other put those chickens in the sack,” she said.

Upset about what had transpired, Neverson said she has reported the matter to the police and is hoping those responsible for stealing her chickens will be caught.

“It’s very sad, because this project was designed to help persons in the area to elevate poverty and it’s really saddening to know that persons from the same area can come and do such an act,” she added.

Yesterday (Thursday), Neverson received 50 more chickens in addition to the 41 she has remaining.

She is, however, now more concerned about the safety of her chickens following the break-in.

The poultry project, which is the brain child of area representative and Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar, has as its objective to assist the Diamond Trust, a non-profit entity established for the purpose of developing and executing sustainable programs for poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and provide rural employment in South Central Windward, St Vincent and the Grenadines, through firstly a sustainable poultry project.

Caesar told SEARCHLIGHT that he is displeased about what happened to Neverson.

“I find this as a total disrespect to the farmer who is on a daily basis working so hard and for someone or persons to go and steal her chickens. The matter is before the police and I do hope that these individuals are brought to justice,” he said. (AA)