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‘Devout Christian’ shot dead at Chapmans Village

‘Devout Christian’ shot dead at Chapmans Village


Homicide detectives are investigating the demise of Egerton Welch, a 49-year-old farmer of Chapmans Village, who died after receiving a gunshot to the head on Friday.{{more}}

Police say, the incident occurred around 7:15 p.m., at a supermarket in the area.

Circumstances surrounding the man’s death are yet unclear, but relatives are calling on the law enforcement authorities to apprehend those responsible.

Welch’s 21-year-old son, Kemmorl Welch, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday he never expected something like this to happen to his father.

He said his father had turned his life around and was a devout Christian and that his death was a surprise.

“He never used to trouble nobody, so me ah wonder who do this and for what reason,” Kemmorl said.

He said he had last interacted with his father about three weeks before his death, when he went to help him with some groundnuts in his field.

The young man described his father as a hardworking person, saying that he worked as a farmer, but would often take other side jobs.

Kemron Welch, 19, said he spoke to his father earlier on Friday and that hearing the news of his death was shocking.

He told SEARCHLIGHT his father had spoken to him about changing his life and to starting to attend church.

“The man was cool,” Kemron said, adding that he never heard of his father getting involved in any altercation with anyone or that anyone had threatened his life.

Both men were brief in their statements, with Kemron saying there was too much grief to allow him to comment on his father’s passing.

The murder count for the year now stands at 23. (DD)