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Vincentians join Taiwan in celebrating its 101st anniversary

Vincentians join Taiwan in  celebrating its 101st anniversary


TAIPEI, Taiwan:- Overcast skies and light rain failed to prevent patriotic Taiwanese and allies of the country from turning out in their numbers to be a part of celebrations{{more}} to mark the Republic of China’s 101st anniversary of independence, on Wednesday.

Nicknamed “Double Ten Day” by all, the official celebrations saw a number of blocks in capital city Taipei barricaded, to allow for the national parade, which saw the appearance of police and military personnel, as well as cultural presentations from a number of schools and organizations from around the country.

President Ma Ying-Jeou, delivering the national day address, said that the occasion was not only a time to celebrate the birth of the nation, but also a time to remember the hardships and struggles of their ancestors, and to remind themselves their efforts must continue.

Ma, who began his second term in May, noted that challenges in the region and worldwide, are having their effects on his nation.

“The global economic situation was this year no less severe than it was during the financial tsunami of four years ago. And on top of that, tensions in both the East China Sea and the South China Sea have escalated. These constitute major challenges for Taiwan,” he said.

“Yet we need not fear them. Indeed, I am certain that as we remain composed and make a concerted effort to deal with all the difficulties we face, we can eventually overcome them.”

The president called on Taiwanese to focus on four main areas, as the country moves forward through the challenges. These are the reformation of industrial levels and raising salary levels, eliminating investment barriers and increasing job opportunities, defending sovereignty and fishing rights and promising regional peace, and solidifying democracy and the rule of law, while enhancing the development of cross-strait relations, with mainland China.

Wednesday’s national celebrations did not start or end with the parade.

Earlier that morning, Ma met with local and foreign dignitaries and specially invited guests, which included the five-member team of journalists from St Vincent and the Grenadines, at his presidential office, a short distance away from the parade site.

In the evening, Minister of Foreign Affairs David Lin hosted the Double Ten National Reception, at the Taipei Guest House, which also showcased the cultural diversity of the country.

Other formal events, including fireworks displays, were held throughout the country.