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Six schools record zero passes in maths

Six schools record zero passes in maths


Six of the nation’s 26 secondary schools did not return any passes in mathematics this year, but the St Martin’s Secondary School (SMSS) was not one of them.{{more}}

Ministry of Education statistics, released to SEARCHLIGHT Wednesday evening, show that eight of the 45 students (17.78%) from the SMSS who wrote the exam, passed.

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace and opposition senator Vynnette Frederick said at a New Democratic Party press conference Wednesday that they were informed that no student from the SMSS passed mathematics this year.

Eustace’s statement came as he called on the government to make public the subject-by-subject specific results of the ordinary level examinations.

“The government must explain to the general public why it is not making its results public and why it continues to punish the children of St Vincent and the Grenadines by keeping Elvis Daniel out of the classroom,” Eustace said.

Daniel resigned his teaching position to contest the 2010 general elections, but was not rehired.

“Mr Daniel marked the CSEC examinations for CXC. This is the same exam, which the government is deliberately keeping him from teaching. His record as a teacher has been exemplary and the students desperately need his help,” Eustace said.

Ministry of Education figures show that no student from the Sandy Bay, George Stephens Snr, Buccament Bay, Bequia Community High, and Adelphi Secondary schools passed mathematics.

These schools had seven, 46, 17, 17, 19, and 20 students sitting the exam, respectively.

The number of students from the other schools and their respective pass rates for mathematics are as follows:

West St George: 3 of 15 (20%); Union Island: 1of 5 (20%); Troumaca Secondary 4 of 23 (17.39%); Thomas Saunders: 25 of 106 (23.58%); St Clair Dacon 2 of 32 (6.25%); St Vincent Grammar School: 95 of 126 (75.40%); St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua: 15 of 77 (19.48%); St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown: 47 of 72 (65.28%); Petit Bordel: 3 of 39 (7.69%); North Union: 3 of 55 (5.45%); Mountain View Adventist Academy: 4 of 33 (12.12%); Girls’ High School: 117 of 128 (91.41%); Georgetown Secondary: 1 of 68 (1.47%); Emmanuel High Marriaqua: 7 of 77 (9.09%); J.P. Eustace Memorial: 3 of 52 (5.77%); Bishop’s College Kingstown: 2 of 68 (2.94%); Bethel High: 6 of 49 (12.24%); Bequia Seventh-day Adventist: 4 of 26 (15.38%); Barrouallie Secondary: 3 of 39 (7.69%). (

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