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Six IHS past students awarded Bertram Richards memorial scholarships

Six IHS past students awarded Bertram Richards memorial scholarships


The six awardees of Bertram Richards memorial scholarships have been advised that they have a basic responsibility to themselves as recipients of the scholarship.{{more}}

At an awards ceremony held on Tuesday, at the Old Intermediate High School building in Kingstown, Akeem Codougan, Kimberly Ferdinand, Kamisha Foster, Raynelle Samuel, Ariel St Hill and Kinsley Tannis were presented their scholarships.

The students, who attend the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, received the Bertram Richards memorial scholarship certificate.

Five of the students each received a cheque of EC$2,000, while Akeem Codougan received EC$1,000, as he is in his final year at the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

Speaking at Tuesday’s awards ceremony, the featured speaker, Director of Trade Cuthbert Knights, reminded the awardees that they are all blessed with a talent and it is their responsibility to discover what their individual talents are.

“A human being is not attaining his full height until he or she is truly educated. This scholarship, which is offered to you today is a perfect opportunity for you to pursue your education,” Knights told the awardees.

Knights, a former teacher of the Intermediate High School, encouraged the scholarship recipients to believe that they could each achieve the career they desire.

“Maybe you can become an excellent doctor. But, before you can realize that, you would have to complete all of your physics and chemistry and other science courses. You might have the ability to become the next prime minister of this country.

“You have to believe. You have to have that faith in yourself…” he added.

He further implored the students to develop a passion for learning.

“If you do, you will never cease to grow with ambition. Education is empowering. What you learn will help to determine the positional development of this country.

“What you learn will help to determine if this country can confront its challenges in health, economics, technology, science and other spheres of development,” Knight said.

The recipients were also told that there can be no excuse for not trying to accomplish what one wants in life.

“If you have to, try and fail. You have tried. And I know you will try and try until you succeed… Your present circumstance does not determine who you will become or who you can become years from now.

“You heard what Buju Banton said, ‘I and I want to rule my destiny’,” Knights added.(AA)