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State all reasons for discontinuing case – Abdon


Abdon Whyte, son of the customs guard who died in Union Island on June 3, wants Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams to “outline all the reasons he took into consideration why he dropped the case” against the Venezuelans charged in connection with the incident.{{more}}

Whyte, who says he is his family’s spokesperson on the matter, made the call on Hot 97 Fm’s “A.M. Mayhem” yesterday.

The DPP on September 19 discontinued criminal charges against four Venezuelans in connection with the saga.

Three Venezuelans were shot and killed and another injured during a reported exchange of gunfire between a Vincentian cop and foreigners aboard the Venezuelans’ boat — “El Amigo Fay” — off Union Island.

The DPP said on “A.M. Mayhem” on September 24 that there were incurable deficiencies in the file and he discontinued the case based on the law.

He further said that the Customs Department had not given a report on the customs guard’s presence on the vessel.

Comptroller of Customs Grenville John told SEARCHLIGHT subsequently that no report was requested of his department, a point the DPP rebutted.

John further said the police office was accompanying the customs guard, adding that the law gives customs officials the authority to board vessels within the country’s waters.

The DPP told SEARCHLIGHT in a separate interview last month that the absence of the Customs’ report was not the sole or main reason for his discontinuing the case.

But Whyte said yesterday the DPP “will come up with a reason and somebody will defeat that and he will say that is only one of the reasons.

“I want to see him outline all (the reasons) in the interest of transparency and defusing all allegations … based on what the politician in Venezuela was saying.”

He was referring to a Venezuelan newspaper report in which a politician there said the men were released because of a deal between Kingstown and Caracas.

The DPP, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security and Legal Affairs, and the Venezuelan embassy in Kingstown have said there was no such deal.

“So, let them clear the air, let them put it out there in the public court so that people can look at it, critique it,” Whyte said.

“… Let us be transparent about this whole thing. Let him (the DPP) publish something, whether in a press conference, or in the papers saying the reasons, all the reasons; outline them…” Whyte further said. ([email protected])