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Terah Smith making waves in field of Adult Literacy in Northern Grenadines

Terah Smith making waves in field of Adult Literacy in Northern Grenadines


One of the many persons quietly making an impact in the field of Adult Literacy in the Northern Grenadines is Terah Smith.{{more}}

Smith became involved in the programme from 2004 after teaching at the Lower Bay Primary School for 13 years.

The establishment of Adult Literacy was in its infancy and she became the mobilizer, facilitator and programme coordinator. She even used her home as a venue for classes.

As with every good venture, the programme was not without teething pains, a release said.

“Participants brave enough to want to make a difference in their life circumstances, were laughed at and looked down upon by some members of the public, who did not understand the vision of self-sufficiency, deeming the effort an exercise in ‘smoking out the dunce’. This was a stigma that kept many who really needed continuing education away,” the release said.

Growth of class attendance necessitated the moving of the venue to the Bequia Community High School. Even here the participants were not given the privacy which makes for comfort in accessing continuing education.

Smith, therefore, with determination and commitment began to look for a place which Adult Literacy could call home.

It was at this point that Herman Belmar, Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs and Hugh Wyllie, the then Director of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) got involved to acquire an old wooden building behind the Port Elizabeth Police Station. This building is now the proud home of the programme, and is known as ACE Centre.

Through the tireless efforts of Smith, new skills were introduced into the programme, gaining it more respect. From then on, the programme gathered momentum and moved forward. It is now receiving passes at CXC’s and CSEC level in English, mathematics, and social studies, as well as continues successful skill training programmes.

Terah Smith continues to be the driving force behind all the programmes, working in constant collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders in making Adult and Continuing Education an integral part of the lives of many Vincentian citizens residing in the Northern Grenadines.