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Omnibus men – Where are we going to put bins?

Omnibus men – Where are we going to put bins?


A number of omnibus drivers have expressed concern about a call by the Traffic Department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) for all minibus and taxi operators throughout the state to have waste receptacles placed in their vehicles.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT, on Wednesday, conducted a survey with ten minibus drivers. The ten drivers were of the opinion that while the initiative is a good idea, the question is, “Where would the receptacle be placed?”

“Depends on what kind of bins they are talking about. Where are you supposed to put it in the van? Space already limited, so I don’t see how that going work out,” said the driver of the van Evolution.

The driver of H7505 said he is not against implementing the rule, but wondered where he would place the bin.

“The only thing I could suggest is if we put a container under the seat to throw the garbage. I’m not really against that, because throwing the garbage outside is not nice. But it’s the space to put the bin,” he said.

Another concern raised is the negative impact a garbage receptacle would have, if placed in the minibuses.

The driver of the omnibus Luxury said he does not mind placing a receptacle in the bus, but he’s afraid some passengers may abuse the initiative.

“It’s not really going to do much good for us, you know. Because when people come with all their garbage, they will want to put them inside the receptacle and we don’t want to promote no garbage in the van.

“No eating in the vans is a better thing. People will want to leave food and all that. Then that might leave a stench, as well as attracting ants and other insects.

“So, we will see how it plays out,” the omnibus operator said.

According to a release from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, the police will soon be conducting checks to ensure that minibus and taxi operators comply with the law.

According to the Litter Act, which was enacted on July 23, 1991, the owner of every bus and taxi, while his or her vehicle is plying for hire, is required to provide in a convenient place therein, adequate receptacles for the deposit of litter.

The release further stated that an operator who commits the offence of failure to provide a receptacle is liable to a fine of EC$2,000. (AA)