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LIAT looking to spread wings to North America


Regional carrier, LIAT may be expanding its fleet and destinations to outside the region.{{more}}

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves announced the long term expansion plans for LIAT saying that in about 18 months to two years time, shareholder governments will be taking a decision, with the assistance of a partner, to explore the possibility of going with jets to travel to destinations in North America.

He said that he had been looking at, among other aircraft, an aircraft made by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturing company, Embraer.

“They have three series from the 170 to 195 and they carry just about 100 passengers,” Gonsalves said.

“So in addition to the 747 jets and smaller jets coming to the Argyle International Airport, it will be good if LIAT can help us to take some people outside,” he continued.

He said that he knew a lot of people would wonder why he was spending so much time on LIAT.

“I make the case about LIAT because without it we can’t move in this region,” he said. (DD)