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Lewis Punnett laundry room receives EC$18,000 facelift

Lewis Punnett laundry room receives EC$18,000 facelift


After being built some 55 years ago, the Lewis Punnett Home laundry room has received a facelift.{{more}}

The laundry, refurbished at a cost of $18,000, now has a newly tiled floor, tiled sinks, a new ceiling and roof, new windows and door, and was repainted.

The work was done by Frasier Construction company and paid for by the St Vincent Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Manager of the Bank Laverne Velox, the decision to undertake the refurbishment was made in December 2011, during a visit she and other officials of the Bank made to the facility.

That visit was also Velox’s first visit to the Lewis Punnett Home.

“It was on this occasion that our attention was brought to the condition of the laundry room,” Velox said on Monday, during a ceremony held at the home located at Glen.

Velox explained that one of the bank’s employees, Montgomery Howard, was given a tour of the laundry room, where photos were taken.

After viewing the photographic evidence of the condition of the room, Velox said they immediately agreed that “something needed to be done to give this place a facelift.”

The Ministry of Health was then contacted for authorization to proceed with the refurbishment, said Velox, and “permission was granted.

“This project is indicative of the bank’s commitment of adding value to the lives of the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The staff at this institution will surely benefit from a better organized laundry and will hopefully find their task less burdensome in an improved work area,” Velox added.

She, however, encouraged the users of the facility to treat it with respect by keeping it tidy at all times.

The bank manager also called on other businesses and individuals to get on board in providing assistance to the Lewis Punnett Home out of a sense of national pride and love for the less fortunate.

Minister of Health Clayton Burgin said the initiative is a clear indication of the partnership between his ministry and the corporate sector.

He also expressed thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the bank “for its marvellous contribution” to the continued development of the national health sector.

“That you have chosen to partner with my ministry in this regard speaks volumes, given that you have taken the bold step of investing $18,000 to upgrade these laundry facilities in times of severe international economic stringency … This is deserving of the highest commendation,” the minister said.

The minister also indicated that plans are in place to refurbish the entire facility, which is home to 100 elderly persons.

He explained that the initial plan for the complete refurbishment was brought to the table several years ago, but has been delayed, owing to a number of issues, particularly the design, which has been repeatedly reviewed and modified.

Earlier this year, however, an assessment of the facility was conducted to identify priority areas which ought to be addressed in the interim, in order to improve the safety of the building and enhance aesthetics, among other things, Burgin revealed.

“The intention is to improve the floor finishes, concrete and reinforce walls, replace doors and windows, replace rooftops, replace tiles, address electrical works, plumbing and also paint the facility,” the health minister stated.

The estimated cost of the repairs, according to Burgin, is approximately $500,000. (AA)